Friday, April 26, 2013

High five for Friday

I still have no idea how to link to my cousin or to the original girl Lauren who made this high five for Friday post but I do it anyway!

5. Sunday was the first time that Jorge went to a new church with me, we have a church that we go to but while Jorge was in Afhhanistan I went to my childhood church. The exciting part was that we got to see my sweet friend Savannah get baptized! Watching her grow this past year has been such a blessing to me, she makes me want to do better and she tells me when I'm being "ugly" {my attitude has been ugly these past few months}. It's nice to have someone to keep you in check like that!

4. Monday we had mops, lately I have not been into it at all. Somehow in the last couple of months it became more of a burden then a fun thing for me. This Monday it was really good though! I really enjoyed it like I used to. I wasn't sure if I was going to go next semester or not but I recommitted myself to the committee and am praying for a FULL great year next year! I hate that I fell off the wagon this semester but again my attitude had a lot to do with it.

3. This week and every week I'm thankful for my hubby. He didn't do anything extraordinary this week but he doesn't have to bc he does so much for us every single day. I listen to so many of my friends who complain about the things their husbands don't or can't do and it just amazes me. I HATE when girls say "let me see if my husband can babysit"... Uhhhh it's HIS kid{s}!! I just don't get it. Jorge has never once complained about spending time with his kids and when he gets home he doesn't need "alone time" to get it together. I'm lucky to have a guy who loves his kids, wants to be with his kids and never complains! Plus he cooks amazing food and cleans better then anyone I know! Every girl needs a Jorge in their life! {but not mine! That wasn't an offer}

2. We have decided to rent out our house and go rent a bigger house for a year or so! This is really exciting for me! We already have a renter for our house we just need to find a house for us. With baby number 3 on the way we will just be too crammed in this house. We can't buy another house unless we sell or rent this house for a year or 2 soooo that leaves us to go rent any house we want! I'm not nearly as picky with renting as buying plus it gives us a chance to try new things, such as locations in town, pool, 2 story..etc. I think it will help us know what we want when we buy or build. We found a house that we love but when we saw it it was trashed. We are going to look at it again today... Crossing my fingers that it's a zillion times better! With 5 bedrooms we will have plenty of room for family to visit! *hint*hint*.

1. Monday I decided that it was time to potty train Juliana! So Tuesday morning we started! She did amazing!! Even through nap time and bed time she stayed dry! She has been ready to be potty trained for months not but I haven't been ready... That makes a huge difference! If mama ain't truely ready then it's not going to work! It's day four and by day 2 she was fully potty trained. I still need to see how she does at stores and while playing with friends but I have faith in her! Through the potty training I have felt much more bonded to her too, it's a great thing!

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misty said...

love it! ill text you about the linking up! horray for Jorge going to church, house situation working out & potty training!!!!