Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gabe's SUPER Sweet 3

PhotobucketThis year for Gabe's birthday I couldn't decide whether I wanted to have a party for him or just do a small dinner with family. Being that his birthday is in January it is hard to buckle down and plan anything until after the holidays. So after New Years I made a decision... lets do a party! I started looking at all kinds of Super Hero Parties. Gabe is really into Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and all Super Hero's right now.. so I decided to do the Modern Marvel Superhero's.

It started when the kids first arrived... they would get their Super Hero Cape. I hung them up in the tree on a string..unfortunatly it was a little windy so they ended up in one spot. After the kids got their capes they went to make their masks... Next the kids went to the photo Spot where they got to take their Super Hero Pictures, with conversation bubbles and a bar bell....

I took little pieces from each party that I found. I made everything... from scratch!