Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trust In His Timing

One of my favorite things to do is to read the kids Bible books with them at night. I know that might sound cheesy but I have learned more from those little books then I ever knew possible! The one we are loving right now is The Jesus Storybook Bible. It speaks on every level and explains it in a way that anyone can understand. I also love that at the end of every chapter it points to Jesus, which in turn teaches the kids that since the very beginning the answer has always been Jesus.

Recently we were reading the story from Luke 8 about a man who asks God to heal his little girl.

The story goes like this (These are all my own words and I am paraphrasing):

A man, Jairus fell at Jesus feet in desperation for his one and only 12 year old daughter was dying.

Lets stop here... imagine being a parent of a child who was not just sick, but DYING. I know how I have felt just when my children have been sick or hurt, that desperation to help them feel better or questioning whether they needed more help then I could give them. It can be so very scary! So this poor guy is DESPERATE! Desperate for help and crying out to Jesus for that help.

Jesus agrees to go with the man, along the way a very sick woman, who had tried everything to be healed (for 12 years) touches Jesus' robe. By touching the robe she is healed (really because of her faith). In Jesus sensitivity He feels her and knows that He has been touched and has healed someone. He stops.

Remember, Jesus and Jairus are on a mission, they are going to save a little girl. It's an EMERGENCY! But Jesus STOPS. Can you imagine how Jairus is feeling? If it were me I would be more then annoyed, anxious, maybe even a little angry. "Let's go Jesus! We have somewhere to be! My daughter is dying and she is important!"

Jesus takes the time to find out who touched Him and the woman professes why she touched Him, full of shame I can imagine, for her disease was not one that was acceptable at all. She declared how she had been healed right away and Jesus told her that because of her faith she was made well.

I love this part because Jesus took the time to talk with her, heal her, love on her and reassure her. How many times do we pass by the sad, the weak, the needy, without even a second glance? We are too busy, we have somewhere to be, someone else is more important. I believe that a simple smile can change the course of someone's day. Asking someone how they are and actually listening and responding. If you see a homeless person on the corner on your way into Target then buy a bottle of water to give them on your way out. Tiny little exchanges of love can make all of the difference in the world.

Ok, so back to our man Jairus.. I would imagine at this point that he is flipping out. Time is a wasting Jesus! We are human and time is very precious to us.. every second counts!

As time is passing Jairus gets word that his daughter is dead, there is no point in bothering Jesus to heal her.

Wait What?!
Oh the fury! The madness! The Pain! Can you imagine?!

Jesus told Jairus, " Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well."

You JUST saw Jesus perform a miracle, so you know of His goodness... do you believe? Or do you think, Jesus if you hadn't stopped to help that lady my daughter would be alive?!

Jesus goes to the house, all are sad and weeping. Jesus announces that she is not dead, but sleeping. Everyone laughs because they know the truth. Jesus grabs her hand and tells her "Child arise" and her spirit returned to her and she got up at once. HER PARENTS WERE AMAZED.

Everyone is still sad and clearly they don't believe that Jesus can bring her back to life. When He did raise her to life they were AMAZED. Really?!

I have 2 directions I want to go with this passage. Just take this little ride with me.

First of all, how many times do we see God work, whether big or small, yet the very next day we question His goodness, His faithfulness, His love and plan for us? How many times do we see His power in the Bible yet we see people question Him just hours later?

Example, the 12 disciples on the boat in the storm, not trusting God after He had JUST fed thousands upon thousands of people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. They questioned him right after seeing His goodness. (Matthew14)

Yet, we do that, we question Him at the very second that we don't feel Him or see Him or... get our way. We question Him when we don't understand WHY He would allow something bad to happen to us. We get angry, we turn away from Him.

The second point I want to show is that EVERYTHING is in God's timing. Think about it this way, if Jesus had shown up when the girl was only sick, it would have been just another healing miracle (that's no small thing but I imagine at this time it was becoming more and more common to hear about). Yet in His time, slowly getting there, when He was ready, He was able to preform a bigger miracle. Giving God more of the glory.

Recently, I was in a lot of pain and after 3 days of it I had a moment of anger come through, I started to get angry at God. Asking why He wouldn't just take the pain away. In that same moment I stopped myself and I decided that no matter what I would praise Him through it. I could question the timing, or ask why me God? I could get angry, I could turn against Him. Yet I truly believe that everything is in His timing and for His good. This is a trial that He is taking me through for a reason. I committed to making sure that through it all He gets the glory. Whether times are good or bad God is good. His plan is the ultimate plan.

Don't ask why God is doing this to me. Ask why not me? and how can I turn this into something that can be used for God's glory?

Let's be like Jairus and the sick woman who cry out to Jesus (The Great Physician), who believe Him, trust Him, follow Him and allow Him alone to heal us. Always trust His timing, it is always right and it is always good.

Be Desperate For Jesus
Cry out to Him
Have Faith
Do Not Fear
Believe Him