Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Days

It's been so long since I wrote on here I don't even know where to begin!!
In June we went to Indiana for my cousin Gretchen's wedding!! It was amazing and it's always so good to see my family!!
Gabe mastered rolling over while we were there. Everyone saw him roll over from his back to his tummy for the first time! Everyone except Jorge and I! lol oh well... once we got home he was rolling all over the place and he started scutting.. he would use his forehead to push him forward. Not even a week after we got home he was on all four hands and knees rocking back and forth.
Rolling and scutting and rocking to get around. One thing after another it just all happen so fast!
ABout 2 weeks ago Jorge and I were sitting in the living room.. and he had been crawling a tiny bit.. not real great though... and all of a sudden he just took off!!! He got so excited and went so fast that he did a face dive into the floor! He also mastered sitting up in this past month... he now crawls to the toy he wants, picks it up, and then sits up. I was very impressed by that. He will crawl right to me now if he wants me. His newest thing (as soon as he figured out the crawling thing he moved on fast..) is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING! He has fallen a few times but he is very tough, he doesn't let anything stop him or get in his way. He is way too smart for his own good!!
On July 20, right at 6 months I started him on solids. I make all of his food and he does so good with it! He Loves carrotts and Bannanas! We had a very rough two days of intense teething BUT the good news is... the 2 bottom teeth have broken thru and are well on their ways to being baby teeth!! I have not gotten bitten yet.. But I know it's coming!!
Its SO amazing how fast they grow and how much new stuff they do everyday... it's never a dull moment!
Being back in Sierra Vista has been great! We love being around our family and great friends! Just pray that our house in Tucson sells soon!!!
I will try to update more often.. I am still trying to figure this thing out!! Thanks to Justine for the help she has given me!!!