Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Fab People

I got a challenge from my friend Amber to list 25 random things about myself. But I just don't think I have that many things and I doubt people want to know them anyway.. I tell Kelly random stuff all of the time and she doesn't seem to appreciate it...SO I am going to list 25 Fabulous people in my life and tell why I love them instead! Fun right? The first few will be obvious.. but after that they are in no particular order. So if you are close to the bottom it doesn't mean I don't love you just as much as the first person. If you aren't on the list don't be sad either.. I DO love you! I just have a lot of family..:o)

1. Gabe~ Obviously he is my numero uno. I love him with all of my being! I love every single thing he does.. even when he is whining.. like right now. He is the sweetest little boy I know. He is the best cuddler and gives the best kisses. He says I Love you like nobody else can. He melts my heart.

2. Jorge~ I love this man more then anything. Through the good times and the bad. Through sickness and in health and in anything else that has ever come our way. Even through all of the times he has tried to kill me.. unintentionally...I think..:o) When I think of the day that my life truly began I think of the day I met him.

3. My mama~ I don't always show her my love in the best way but I do love her so much. She has always been there for me, and even though we had one bad year it didn't ruin all of the good one's. If I need her she is there for me within minutes. She's a great grandmother to Gabe, he just LOVES her!

4. My Dad~ Again I don't always show my love for him but I do love him. He has always been there for me and he is a great guy. I little strange sometimes... :oP but one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.

5. Alyssa~ My heart and sole. My baby niece.. the light of my life. She's the peanut to my butter and the marsh to my mellow. We can talk about anything and everything for hours. She has such a great heart and is going to do amazing hings with her life. I love you sugarlips!

6. Trisha~ My sister.. we have had a rough year or so but I know that we will come through it and everything will be even better then it was before. She was there when Gabe was born and she was the best supporter I could have asked for. Love you sis no matter what.

7. Brooke~ My cousin and my best friend! She has been like an aunt to Gabe since before he was even born. She takes care of me like I am her little sister. We have always been so close.. and when we have to leave each other its always the hardest thing. Except one time when she didn't cry and I was mad at her! lol jk.. it was the meds. haha

8. Aunt Susie~ I love my aunt Susie sooo much!! She is soo funny and sweet. She loves cleaning out my ears and scratching my back. She spoils me rotten and I LOVE it! She's always so much fun to be around and she Cooks! She cooks good!!

9. Melinda~ My Minnie fu fu..what can be said about this cousin of mine? She is amazing! She is soooo hilarious.. if you ever want to hear a good animated story about OJ Simpson or about anything else she is the one to ask. She has always been there for me. We have a very special kind of relationship. And soon she will give me my beloved red convertible Volkswagen... I just know it! :oP

10. Nikki~ My Biffle! I heart her so much! She has the biggest heart. I remember the first time I saw her I didn't like her. Then when I saw her husband.. I was like oh maybe we can be friends...;o) lol we met at Dillard's and we hit it off right away. I haven't always been the best friend to her but she has always been there for me. She is my sister at heart and her family is my family.

11. DyAnna~ My other Biffle! We met in 8th grade, she had big frizzy hair, glasses and braces. I thought she was the biggest nerd. But she lived across the street from me so we did everything together. After 8th grade she moved away but we always stayed in touch. Even now we are just as close as we were then. I am so proud of all she has accomplished. She went to Annapolis, is in the Navy, engaged now. Funny we ended up with the exact same guy too... I swear. Love you girlfriend!

12. Yuri~ She isn't just my cousin she is my friend. Are kids are 6 weeks apart and they have so much fun together. Yuri and I can sit for hours talking, playing games, watching the boys. I love having her in my life. She always brings a new perspective to things. On a Friday night our fav. place to be is with Yuri, Dennis and Levi.

13. Rene~ Oh Rene... he is like our child. Our first child. We loved him, cared for him, nurtured him and then when we let him out into the world he messed it up by dating stupid girls. Oh Rene... lol I love this kid he is def. one of my favorite people ever. I just wish he would visit more.

14. Dominic~ He is Jorge's first friend I ever met. I think we went through a little rough patch but I always liked him. He is a great guy with a huge heart! And now he has found the love of his life and I couldn't be happier for him! And she isn't PSYCHO! That makes me even happier! His whole family is amazing and has taken such good care of us. Support the Garcia's.. eat at La Casita!

15. Isaac~ My little bro... I'm not sure what path he is on right now.. whether its the right one or not but I know that he will figure things out on his own eventually. The day he was born I cried. I didn't want a stinky little brother, and growing up he didn't make my life any easier. But he has a huge heart and I know he would be there for me in an instant. I love him even though I don't always show it.

16. Charlie Wade! My bro-n-law is an amazing person. He is so giving and loving. He's not perfect and he doesn't claim to be but he is just him. I have known him since I was 5 years old. I have grown up with him as my brother and he has been in my life since my first memories. Plus he helped to bring some pretty amazing kids into the world.

17. My grandparents~ Love them! I lived with them every summer growing up. They helped to raise me and took care of me like I was their own child. I can't imagine life without them.

18. Elena~ Elena and Dom have been like family to me. I have known Elena since my freshman year. She was always cracking everyone up with her funny comments and big personality. I can go without talking to Elena for awhile but still know she is one of my best friends. The thought of losing her (and we almost did) still devastates me. She is an amazing person and every person who has ever met has had their lives changed by her.

19. Kelly Clark~ Oh sweet Kelly Mae..what can I say? Within the past year we have grown a lot closer. I am so thankful for her, she is like nobody I have ever met before. Her values and ethics are amazing. She is such a giving loving person. She is constantly surprising me with her kindness. She makes me laugh everyday and I just LOVE messing with her..:o)

20. Stephie~ My little Stephie Pooh! She is just so stinkin Hott! Who wouldn't Love her?! I'm pretty sure her man and my man are in love.. or atleast in a I love spending time with her and just doing nothing. She has a heart of fire. She is spunky and so loving. She is real and tells it like it is. She loves hard and hates hard. I am going to miss her so much when she moves to stinky Utah...:o(

21. Laura~ Lo lo! She is an amzing teacher who changes lives daily! She loves with all of heart. She is such a strong person, but sometimes she tries to be too strong and just needs to ask for help. She has had a rough year but she has kept truckin. Most days you would never even know that she was having a rough week. She is always smiling and happy. She is an insperation for everyone that meets her. She is such a great friend and she deserves so much more then she knows. I'm happy to call her my friend!

22. Amanda~ Mandakins! She is the most giving person I have ever met. She is so incredibly sweet. If you wanted a sweet potatoe right now she would drop everything she is doing and get it to you. I hate when people take advantage of her kindness or mistake it for weakness. She is a very strong person and has a whole lot of love to give. She is the best of the best! I couldn't ask for a better friend! :o)

23. Dayna~ Dayna and I have gotten closer over the past year too. We have kids almost the same age and they play well together. Dayna is the person that I can talk to for hours.. and I do mean hours! I can't even tell you what we talk about.. no really I can't..or I would have to kill you. I love how devoted she is to her Church and her family. She loves non-stop. I just wish we hung out more. We are the baby burgaide. Every baby born in the past year we have gone to visit together.. and we should have one coming! Team Jenna! lol

24. Nicole V. ~ Even though we haven't been close in the past couple of years she will always have a special place in my heart. I will always think of her as family and I hope that one day we can be how we used to be..except even better. She has the cutest little girl you will ever meet! She can be quiet and shy..but get a few drinks in her and your looking at a great time! lol we def. had some great times together! 

25. Amber C.~ We became friends about 6 years ago I think... She helped me with my wedding. I even asked her to be in my wedding but she said heck no! I don't even like you! lol ok she didn't say that. Over the years we drifted apart. This year she got me to do the Susan G. Komen walk with her and it was an amazing experience! She stayed by my side even when I was hurt and couldn't walk. She is always giving me great Bible versus that bring me back to reality. Maybe one day we can be the friends that we once were.

Ok there it is.. now if you want to do this feel free too or do the 25 Random Things about yourself! I hope you enjoyed meeting my fav. people! I have more but 25 is enough for now. whew!