Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Pains and Joys

I have to start of by saying that I am still in shock that I have a new baby girl! I feel like I just had Juliana, and I still remember being pregnant with Gabe! How did this happen?! Before baby number 3 was born it just felt so surreal and I kept saying I'm not READY! Now that she is here its the most magical amazing feeling.
Let me back up for a 9 month review really fast... (still trying to figure out how 9 months has passed by too!). In December we found out I was pregnant, it was a total surprise to us and to everyone! I was back and forth on how I felt about it. I was happy on one end and scared on the other. Right after New Years Jorge left for Afghanistan for 3 months. Worst. 3. months. life.
Hormones, and 2 toddlers and tiredness and so on and so on did not equal a good time. Finally when Jorge got back things got much easier, until he got sent out TDY again and again and yet again. Finally things started to get easier with summer time. I got some energy back and enjoyed the time with the kids.
My whole pregnancy all in all was not bad, so much so that when I hit the 40 weeks mark I decided to wait to be induced. Unfortunately, my kids do not like to come out. Having a baby is a total emotional roller coaster, whether its your 1st, 2nd or 3rd... I can't (and won't) confirm that feeling beyond the 3rd. I found myself overly worried about this 3rd one, I kept thinking "I already have 2 healthy kids what are the chances of having 3". The relief of having a third healthy baby is the biggest relief ever.
Labor Day
The Doctor had me go in on Labor Day (Sep 2) of course that was the constant joke, "maybe Labor Day will be YOUR labor day" well it was.
I went in at 4pm, got some meds at 5pm, finally progressed at 10 or so and was begging for an epidural by 12. I don't know if I was just a bigger wimp this time around or what but I COULD NOT handle the contractions. The last 2 kids I went hours, shoot I went a whole day with Gabe before I got an epidural! This time it was so fast and intense and simply unbareable. Anyway, in the meantime they had given me an ambian to help me sleep.  There was NO sleep though, by the time the ambian kicked in I felt the pressure to push and the nurse said "Hey your fully dialated! Time to push!". Pushing is by far my least favorite thing, I am the worlds worst pusher, not to mention that between pushing I was taking a 60 second nap thanks to that ambian. I wanted to give up so bad but I "Pushed on"!
Next thing I know she was out and the dr was saying " Do you want to open your eyes to see your baby?"
There she was!
Jocelyn Rose
September 3 4:47am
6 lbs 14oz 19in long
Me and Jocelyn a few hours old


Her going home outfit

Big sister Juliana and Jocelyn

Proud big brother!

She is our little brown eyed girl. She's been a huge ray of sunshine in our house. The kids love her but are still adjusting. It has made Gabe and Juliana much closer, they play together non stop now. Juliana is doing a lot better then I thought she would, but still has her moments. Now that she is here I could not imagine not having her. I used to think, why in the world would God give me a 3rd child?! But then I always think He never gives us anything we can't handle. I'm embracing and loving this new chapter in our life.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Girls room makeover

When I had Juliana 2 years ago we didnt know whether we were having a boy or a girl so we simply painted her room seafoam green and decided to decorate after the "baby" came. 
Well, 2 years later and her room still was not even close to being decorated at all. I was to indecisive on what to do. When we found out that baby JG3 was a girl then we knew we would have to put the girls together. 
So, here a week before she is due we finally finished the room. Trying to fit 2 girls into one small, awkward shaped room was no easy task. Plus my indecisiveness took over again... I'm thankful for a husband who has great ideas and pretty much decides for me. He really took on a lot of big tasks these last few weeks, for which I'm so grateful for! 
So here's the room all done! 
The room has double doors which uses up the entire wall, we wanted to cover it up so that we could put the crib against it so we decided to do a curtain wall. The picture doesn't do it justice. 
Other side of the room is simply the dresser and Juliana's bed. 
Juliana's bed
I put Juliana's toys in her closet, we just don't have the space anywhere else. It works nicely tho. 
This is the babies side of the closet, I told ya... It's not easy cramming 2 girls worth of stuff in one room. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Picket Fence Headboard

It seems to be that I get the best ideas in my sleep, or maybe its that mid-sleep mid-wake time. Either way sleep must do me some good. I woke up one morning with the idea in my head that I would make Juliana a Picket Fence Headboard. For months I have been stewing over what to do for Juliana for a bed since we will be needing to convert the toddler bed that she is sleeping in now, back into a crib for the new baby. I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a nice bed to just decide in a couple of years that we want to get bunk beds or cute matching twin beds. So I started googling and pintresting. I found a lot of great ideas.
I told my sweet friend Caycee about it and she loved the idea, she started thinking it could be cute for her girls rooms also. It turned out to be a great thing for both of us because we motivated each other to get it done. She called me and said lets go look at wood! We found wood pieces for .75 a piece which was a steal! Only it really needed to be sanded. So I took all of the pieces to my moms where they have 2 huge sanders and we got to work. I did as much as I could until I just couldn't take the dust anymore. My mom and her boyfriend did all the rest and they did a great job!
This is what the wood looked like before sanding, it's hard to tell but it was very rough and not very pretty. It was also curved making it harder to sand. 

After sanding, so smooth and pretty! 

We even put Juliana to work, she did a good job blowing off the extra dust. 

Next these bad boys needed to get painted, I had the perfect white paint but I woke up once again with a thought... I started questioning whether I wanted to use the white paint or use a stain or what. I really wanted the wood grab. To show thru. So I painted my support boards with the white I had with one coat and while it didnt look bad it wasn't the look I was going for. 
Support boards with one coat of white. 

I know I could just sand it but I did that with another project and it still didnt give me the finished look I was going for. My first thought was to go buy a white stain but then I decided to try to water down the paint that I already had. I really wanted to see the grain on the wood so after a couple of trials I finally got it! Or so I thought.... It wasnt dark enough so I ended up doing a ton of layers. Plus the paint would be perfect in some spots and just soak right in other spots so it wasnt a very even look. I didnt end up achieving the look I was going for but I was so tired after painting all day that I didn't even care anymore. 

I got everything done except putting on the support boards, I waited for Jorge to do that. 
Putting the hub to work 

The last thing I had to do was buy a frame and mattresses.. And figure out bedding. 
Headboard complete. 

And.... Done! 


Friday, July 19, 2013


One of these days I will get better at this blogging thing... Maybe...
Anyway here's my top 5 for this past week! 

5. Jorge went back to work this week, he's either been traveling or working from home for the past 6 months. While I love having him home I tend to not get much done. This past week was nice because while he was at work I got a lot done. I went through my closet and got rid of a ton of clothes and rearranged. It was very refreshing! It's nice to have a few hours to get things done and then to relax the rest of the afternoon! Jorge just got word that he's leaving again for 2 weeks, while I  am bummed out I'm hoping to get A LOT done! 

4. Last Sunday we went to church! It has been awhile since we have made it to church, we have either been gone or someone has been sick so it's been hard to go. It was so nice to go as a family and to get a great word! That night we had carne asada at Jorge's moms house with all of his family. We took some fun family pics too, its hard to get EVERYONE together.


3. For the past 2 weeks we have been scheduling and rescheduling my maternity pictures due to bad weather. We were finally able to do them yesterday! I'm really excited to see them, unfortunately it was crazy hot and humid yesterday so I'm sure I was not looking my best, plus I was exhausted from a crazy busy day. But I'm just glad they got done and I can't wait to do baby J's newborn pics in September!
This isn't from the photoshoot, our cousin Jodie took this for fun

2. Family time! Jorge's cousins are here visiting, they are between homes right now. They were living in Alaska and are moving to Italy {next week to be exact!}. They have a little boy that is Gabe's age and a little girl Juliana's age. The kids play so well together and we just love them all. We have been able to spend a good amount of time with them thankfully. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to them. Hopefully we will make a trip to Italy to see them!
Sweet Canez cousins- Jodie, Roy, Alan and Aurora

Alan and Aurora
All the cousins minus 1 shy little girl

Juliana and Aurora

1. The last 2 weeks Gabe did swim lessons {with 2 of his cousins} and he totally shocked me with how amazing he did! I signed him and Juliana up for 2 more weeks. It's so fun watching them learn and grow. 
Gabe and his cousins Alan and Levi
Just Gabe

Turns out he is a Fish in disguise

Juliana being the Lifeguard
2 more weeks and Gabe starts school :( 
6 more weeks baby girl comes. Ekkk! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juliana's "oFISHally" 2 Birthday Bash!

My sweet little Juliana turned 2 on June 23 {Sunday}... Lord help us all! Last year for her 1st birthday party I kept it very simple, it was actually really nice to not put a lot of effort into it but I did feel like I jipped her a little bit. This year I decided to do it bigger for that reason and a few other reasons.
I decided on a Fish theme because she LOVES fish! There is not a whole lot that she's "into" yet, but she sure does know about fishies.

For all my parties I usually google the theme like crazy and then take away the little things that I like from each party, now with Pintrest its so easy to find everything in one place. I did the same thing though, took what I liked from each party and made it my own. I love doing parties, but I certainly won't be doing 3 big parties a year!

My sweet niece took all of the pictures for me. Enjoy!

My cake Table

I had big plans for this table but it didn't work out :o/

Favors table

Pictures of Juls from the past year

Jello fish bowl

Fishing game prize

Water table

The cake! Made by Katherine Kelly

Gabe fishing

Juliana fishing

Riley fishing

Daddy and Juliana fishing

Cousin Aurora from Alaska who we met for the first time!

Singing Happy Birthday to Juls

She got shy

Present time! {Amanda made her dress and Katherine made her necklace}

Gabe helping Juliana open a big present!


My little diva

Almost all of my fav girls in one place!

Cousin in Jodie and Aurora

Angie painted this adorable picture for Juliana's room!

Gaby Baby

Pooped after a busy day!

My mama, sister, niece and baby girl

Grandma with her grandbabies {missing 4}


Love my crazy family!