Friday, September 3, 2010

Gabe's Ready... Is mom???

Jaycee 3 months
In the past week I have had the pleasure of watching Kelly's baby, Jaycee, 3 times. She is 3 months old (yesterday) It brings back all of those memories of when Gabe was that little.  I do miss that age but I sure do love the age he is now!! He is soooo funny!!! He LOVES Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. He watches them atleast twice a day (I know bad parenting but it makes him happy), he knows when all of his favioret parts are coming on and he sings all the songs. He cracks me up daily. He is always amazing me too with his knowledge. I have no idea how he knows some of the things he knows.
Gabe almost 3 months

For example, I have taught him most of the body parts so it's normal for him to come up to me and point to my nose and eyes and ears and head and toes and name them off. The other day he had Po from Kung Fu Panda and he started naming all of the body parts. He got to arm and said "your arm". I haven't taught him arm yet so he got it from somewhere else. We figured out later he learned it from Toy Story 2 when Woody's arm falls off. See kids can learn something from TV! haha

While I was watching Jaycee, Gabe would try to help out. He loved to kiss her on the head and give her the bottle. He would try to put her pacifier in her mouth when she would cry. He was such a big helper and he wasn't jealous at all when I would hold her. It made me realize that he is ready to be a big brother...but am I ready to be a mother of 2? Gabe is still a baby to baby, by having another one he won't be the baby anymore...:o(
When Jaycee didn't come this morning around 7am Gabe went and got his monkey and a bottle and started feeding it like a baby, he is so sweet and such a cuddler. We started trying this summer for a baby but had some roadblocks, so after 3 months we stopped. I'm not sure I was fully ready at that time anyway. After the Susan G. Komen Walk we will probably start trying again. God has a time and a plan for everyone so I know that he has planned it out at the perfect moment for us! Now just knowing that Gabe will be ready too makes it that much easier...:o)