Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have been a major slacker when it comes to writing on here lately. Summer hit and everything has been non stop! We went to Florida one weekend and then San Diego the next in May {will blog about it sometime}. Then Jorge left for Maryland and the kids have been busy with VBS and Swim lessons and parties and...and...and... Oh and being sick. Wouldn't be summer if you didnt get sick! Anyway that's the quick version of my last 2 months! 
Now for my top 5 for this week! 

5. Last Saturday we took a trip to the lake with some great friends! 
Gabe and his BFF Jaycee 
The kids had so much fun playing In The water while I got to relax. It's great having friends who treat your kids like their own and who help out so much! {thanks Amanda and Kelly}
Gabe chillin... He is so his fathers son. 

Swimming can be exhausting! 
Just chillin
Water fun! 

4. After being sick for so long it was refreshing to get out of the house so we spent most of the weekend OUT of the house! Sunday we went to a lumberjack competition. It was a lot of fun to watch! 
Chopping wood 
Climbing the pole
Water log running
The kids didn't like the chainsaws

3. Wednesday I turned 30 weeks... Eekkk! Every week I have a mini anxiety attack when I get the reminder that I'm pregnant. I went to the dr and he had me feel the position of the baby. It was cool to feel her little head and back and everything else. I made the rest of my appointments for the rest of the 10 weeks {freaked out a little}!!! 
30 weeks
Everyone keeps asking if the baby is growing ok.. The dr says she's growing great. Not sure why I'm so much smaller with this one then I was the other 2 but I'm not going to complain about it! 

2. Juliana's birthday is this Sunday so I have been a busy bee planning her big day! I love throwing parties! Plus with Jorge being gone it has been a nice distraction. This years theme is "Juliana is oFISHally 2" under the sea. She loves fishies so she has been loving everything I have bought and made so far. Here's a small sneak peak {will blog about the party later promise!} 
Baby whale
I'm excited I hope she loves it!! 2 is one of those ages that can be a waste of time to do a big party for but I have my reasons for doing it this year... As long as she enjoys it In the moment. 

1. And the number one answaaaa.... Jorge comes home today!! The kids and I are going to pick him up from the airport this morning. He has been gone 4 out of these last 6 months, to say that I am tired of him traveling would be a major understatement! Hopefully this will be the last time that I have to pick him up from the airport for a long while! Single parenting is not my cup of tea. 

That's my week in a nut shell! I also have to mention my sweet friends Kelly and Amanda who made me a sweet basket {I forgot to take a picture :/} to help me feel better and it did help. Just knowing I have friends who care makes all the difference In The world!