Thursday, August 4, 2016

So it Begins

This week has been a big week for our family! I officially started working on Monday {very part time} at my church, from home! It is something that has been in works since last fall so it's a huge blessing to be where I am at now!

Jocelyn started pre-school on Tuesday 

She has Ms. Claudia who I can tell I'm going to adore! Joc didn't even care about me leaving as I dropped her off. I asked if she made any friends and she said "yes, girls and boys". Then she told me about her whole day of coloring, playing, singing. 

Juliana started kindergarten! 
She was so excited! The night we met her teacher she just wanted to hang out in the room the whole time. We are so blessed that she got mrs. Falcon! 
The first time I ever met mrs. Falcon was when she was the aide for gabes kinder teacher. She came up to me and told me how sweet Gabe was, that she loved that I knew his love language and that it was obvious that he came from a God loving home. That melted my heart and I was hooked! I later found out we went to the same church and when I found out she was going to be a kindergarten teacher, I knew Juliana had to have her! 

Gabe started 2nd grade! I can hardley stand it! 
Again I feel like he got really fortunate with the teacher he got. He has Mrs. Mauzy and I know she will do everything she can to pull out the best of him. He struggles with reading and writing but loves math. I know he will have a great year!

Today as I was walking the kids to school there was a little boy walking with his younger twin sisters. I started talking to them and one of the little girls said, "our brother had to watch us cause we are difficult." I thought it was so sad that the first way they knew to describe themselves was as "difficult". It reminded me that what we say to our kids sticks with them. It can define them, it can cause them to see themselves that way as they grow up and it can make them act that way, because.. Well why not? Mom says I'm difficult so I might as well be difficult! We need to speak positive into our kids lives. Tell them who they are, by using character words not descriptive words. Talk about their kind hearts, their giving nature, their ability to lead, to care for others. We talk a lot in my house about having a beautiful heart, and why that's more important than how you look on the outside. Let's be a generation who raises kids who love people more than they love themselves, it's really hard in this "selfie" generation, so let's be examples to them by not being self absorbed and by speaking love into their little lives. We got this mamas! Cheers to another school year!