Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chasing a Raincloud

Yesterday I was supposed to walk 8 miles as part of my training. So I grabbed Gabe, some water and my ipod and set off. This would be the most miles I had walked since starting to train. Saturday's are the biggest walking training Saturday is 10 miles and it continues to go up. Anyway I began walking, when I got on the road that takes us South I saw a storm ahead. Lightening and all. It was just on the other side of the mountain so I figured I could make it where I was going then turn back around and RUN from it!
This is what I FIRST saw
We kept walking towards the storm. For those of you who don't live in AZ let me explain our weather to you a little bit (Oh no! Am I SERIOUSLY talking about weather?!) Everyone thinks it's all Sunshine here year round.. it almost is. July starts off our monsoon season... one minute it will be completely clear skies and the next it will be raining so hard that the streets are flooded. NO JOKE!
The Storm and I have moved closer to each other
I'm pretty sure that only in AZ can you see a storm move in and out. Have clear skies on one side and dark nasty clouds on the other and see where it is raining. I am from Indiana and I never recall seeing storms like this there. It's just a nasty day or it isn't. By the time monsoon comes EVERYONE is ready for it! Tired of the dry heat it is a blessing to have... except when you are trying to walk or have a nice day outside.
To my Right

As I took my turn to head back to my house at first I saw clear skies and it seemed like a perfectly normal day.. the storm was still behind me though.. Then I looked to my right and saw the storm above... To my left it was clear but there was some crazy lightening.

Behind Me
When I looked behind me I was reminded of the storm chasing me. I was walking as fast as I could. I was surrounded by storms! I don't mind walking in the rain one bit.. but I had Gabe and my precious new Ipod!! So I wanted to get my booty home before we got hit. Plus the lightening scares the hooten-nanny out of me!!!
At one time the thunder roared and it echoed from one side of the town all the way to the mountains. It was an amazing thing to hear.. but boy did it scare me!! I called Jorge halfway hoping he would say he was going to come get us but he just said better step it up! After that I started running.. I was less then a mile from home.

When it FIRST Started raining.. not even coming down hard yet..
Just like that it started raining.. I kept running.. then it began POURING! I found a tree where we could stay dry and called Jorge, this time I told him COME GET US!! In an instant it went from clear skies ahead to raining so hard that Gabe and I were DRENCHED! We looked like we just jumped into a pool.  Needless to say.. I didn't finish my 8 miles...:o(

I used to hate monsoons. I remember being in high school and going to Phoenix and it would be sunny and I loved it, then coming back to Sierra Vista and hating it. When I moved to Phoenix I missed the monsoon's sooo much! I would come to Sierra Vista just to be in the rain! As I have gotten older I have found a new appreciation for the rain..the sun..the snow..the 4 seasons... now i know why old people talk about the weather all the time. It truly is fascinating... wow..either I am getting old..or I am an old soul at