Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 8~

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

Ok I have been putting off doing Day 8 because I have just been waiting for that day when I have the perfect song to match my mood.
But it hasn't come...
yesterday I was in a horrible mood... so I had the perfect song picked out... but... then I just didn't feel like being on the computer...
So the song never made it....
So... that leaves me on today.
Today I have been very tired... taken more naps then I would like to admit to
and watched more Dexter and Desperate Housewives then I am proud of (While Gabe slept of course)
Even on my worst days I can look at Gabe and he just puts the biggest smile on my face.
When I feel the baby move (kick the crap out of my insides) it gives me the best warmest feelings.
And when Jorge sends me a text just to say he loves me or to tell me I am beautiful it melts my heart.
I have so much to be grateful for... even in my worst moods, and my most tired days.
So here is my song......
Love me some Celine! Enjoy!

P.S. you will have to pause my music at the bottom of my page...sorry about that...:o)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 7~

Day 7 ~ Your dream wedding.

My dream wedding was and has always been on the beach! Jorge and I actually started planning on wedding to be in Cancun... I contacted the resort, picked out flowers..pretty much had everything. But then we realized it just wasn't logical. There was no way my grandparents could go there and I really wanted them at the wedding. So I looked at other places, California..etc. but nothing compared after the amazing wedding I had planned out in Cancun....:o(  
I loved our wedding anyways, it was outside and it was perfect for us.
I figure when we have been married 20 or so years maybe we can renew our vows on the beach.
Other then the beach there really was no "dream" part. I wasn't one to sit around and dream about my wedding.
Lame..I know...oh well...;o)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Check 1..2..

So for the past 3 almost 4 days I have been at my bed. People ask "how is the pregnancy going?" and I answer "it's going great! oh except that I have caught every disease known to man since I have been pregnant!"
For 8 weeks straight I have had one sickness after another. As soon as I start to feel better and start to socialize again..
BAM it hits me! It always hits me pretty hard too.
This time I am not sure if I got the stomach virus that seems to be going around or if it did have to do with the pregnancy. I am really hoping just a virus because if I have to go through anymore of what I did this weekend..then I want out of this deal! (not really...:o))
I haven't eaten since Thursday...not a real meal anyway... today was the first day that I was able to actually get up and move around for more then 3 minutes at a time.
I can handle being sick..thats not so much the issue...the real problem is that I just don't get why everything ALWAYS happens when Jorge is gone.
He has only been gone 15 days and if I counted all of the poopy diapers...
and I don't just mean yummy thick poopy diapers...I mean leaking out the side diapers...
and all of the throw up I have seen and cleaned up in these 15 days....
it would equal more...then the 2 years that Gabe has been alive!
Thats not an exaggeration...
I have no right to complain about Jorge being gone...
there are women who go without their husbands for 3 months...6 months...a year and longer.

I have mad respect for all of you ladies!

This is the first year that it has really bothered me that he is gone...
I'm sure the fact that I am pregnant and sick has something to do with it.
And the more I think about him being gone after this baby comes scares me to death.
I just want him to be here..for all of us.
I am so lucky to have a great mother who helps me out. And Jorges mom who brings us food.
And Awesome friends who would drop everything to do whatever I needed.
So I don't have a right to complain...
Plus the fact that Gabe will come out of nowhere and give me kisses for no reason at all. He makes it all better...:o)
So this is NOT a me complaining BLOG this is a me just getting it out....
ahhhh I feel better now....
thanks for listening!