Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juliana's "oFISHally" 2 Birthday Bash!

My sweet little Juliana turned 2 on June 23 {Sunday}... Lord help us all! Last year for her 1st birthday party I kept it very simple, it was actually really nice to not put a lot of effort into it but I did feel like I jipped her a little bit. This year I decided to do it bigger for that reason and a few other reasons.
I decided on a Fish theme because she LOVES fish! There is not a whole lot that she's "into" yet, but she sure does know about fishies.

For all my parties I usually google the theme like crazy and then take away the little things that I like from each party, now with Pintrest its so easy to find everything in one place. I did the same thing though, took what I liked from each party and made it my own. I love doing parties, but I certainly won't be doing 3 big parties a year!

My sweet niece took all of the pictures for me. Enjoy!

My cake Table

I had big plans for this table but it didn't work out :o/

Favors table

Pictures of Juls from the past year

Jello fish bowl

Fishing game prize

Water table

The cake! Made by Katherine Kelly

Gabe fishing

Juliana fishing

Riley fishing

Daddy and Juliana fishing

Cousin Aurora from Alaska who we met for the first time!

Singing Happy Birthday to Juls

She got shy

Present time! {Amanda made her dress and Katherine made her necklace}

Gabe helping Juliana open a big present!


My little diva

Almost all of my fav girls in one place!

Cousin in Jodie and Aurora

Angie painted this adorable picture for Juliana's room!

Gaby Baby

Pooped after a busy day!

My mama, sister, niece and baby girl

Grandma with her grandbabies {missing 4}


Love my crazy family!