Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 7~

Day 7 ~ Your dream wedding.

My dream wedding was and has always been on the beach! Jorge and I actually started planning on wedding to be in Cancun... I contacted the resort, picked out flowers..pretty much had everything. But then we realized it just wasn't logical. There was no way my grandparents could go there and I really wanted them at the wedding. So I looked at other places, California..etc. but nothing compared after the amazing wedding I had planned out in Cancun....:o(  
I loved our wedding anyways, it was outside and it was perfect for us.
I figure when we have been married 20 or so years maybe we can renew our vows on the beach.
Other then the beach there really was no "dream" part. I wasn't one to sit around and dream about my wedding.
Lame..I know...oh well...;o)

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♡ Ambrosia said...

I wasnt either. AND I loved your wedding! It was beautiful!! But let me RSVP now to your 20 year beachy vow renewal =]