Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss Shannon tagged me in this one! Thanks lady!

Here is how it works:

All I have to do is just answer the "About Me" questions

& then pass it on to a few other RAD bloggers!

So here goes it...

A list of favorites!

Food: Plain and simple I LOVE pizza! LOVE!

Color: My fav. color is PINK! Always has been... but the last couple of years I have been really into greys, teals,and turquoises.

Animal: I love monkeys...and dolphins..and turtles and frogs.

Dessert: I just love all things SUGAR!

Artist: I don't really have one...

Pair of Shoes: flip flops ALL DAY LONG! I agree Shannon!

Outfit: I love dresses and skirts, any reason I have to wear either of those I take advantage of. But I also love PJ's!

Skinny Jeans: I LOVE skinny jeans... My hips and thighs are probably too big for them but I sport them anyway.

Brand: I love Hurley, especially for Gabe. I like Vigoss jeans... and I love Target tank tops... I could..and do wear them all day every day lol

Perfume: Right now I wear Jessica Simpson's Fancy and I love it! I also like Curve Crush.. and the first gift Jorge ever got me was Dolce & Gabbana light blue..so it will always have a special place in my heart. I love all smells sweet. I don't like strong smelling or flower smells eekkk

Accessory: My wedding ring is almost always... I often forget it (i don't really wear it around the house because I am constantly washing my hands..and I don't wear it to bed) . My mothers ring that Jorge had made for me and usually a necklace... and lately my watch.

City: I really do love Sierra Vista! Lafayette is my other love! Of course i have fav. vacation cities too...

Hobby: Right now my hobby is Gabe..and I am ok with that.

Beauty Product: I LOVE Mary Kay eye make-up remover. Also Bare Minerals make-up. And L'Oreal eye make-up.

Holiday: Christmas of course and I love Thanksgiving when we go to Rocky Point. If we stay home there is usually too much drama.

Snack: cookies. BUT right now I actually love pears and fruits as snacks!

Movie: Ultimate fav. movie is Meet Me in St. Louis but I also love The wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Music: Country, Pop, some rock

Guilty Pleasure: Reality T.V...





Anonymous said...

Love you babe, dad

Anonymous said...

VIGOSS?!??!?! Well we love you too!!!