Monday, April 11, 2011

Laboratory Confessions

This morning I had to go do the 3-hour Glucose test. For those of you that haven't had kids or don't know about it, its when you fail the one hour glucose test and have to go take a 3 hour one where they take your blood 4 times. Its no fun at all. I had to do it with Gabe also, but I checked out just fine.

So I went into it prepared to be totally bored. It turned out to be the complete opposite. I'm not sure if I just have a friendly face, or if my big pregnant belly makes people want to tell me their whole life stories. Pretty much the full almost 4 hours I was there, someone was talking to me and telling these crazy stories. I never asked to be told such personal things, and once one girl would come and tell me her story then she would leave and before I knew it there was another one. I have to share some of their stories.

The first 2 ladies I met were there doing the one hour glucose. The one girl has 2 kids already, or had I should say. Her first baby died from SIDS at 4 months old. So incredibly sad. She was very chatty and fun to talk to about all things Doctors. Every girl I met had something or another to say about the Doctors in this town. Anyway she was on well fare but really excited about this baby.

The other lady I talked to at the same time was a mother of 4 children and pregnant with her 5th. She also was on well fare and struggling financially. She told me that she is due in 10 days and that she is giving her baby up for adoption to her daughters teacher. And that it has been an emotional roller coaster but she has to do what is best for the child because she can't provide for her.

In the meantime, another girl came in who was probably about 18 weeks along. She told us that her Doctor told her she is fat, when I asked her how much the Dr. told her to gain, she said the Dr. told her she wants her to LOSE weight! WHAT?! She said with her 2 children before she gained 12lbs and was fine. This girl was not even obese, she wasn't even big. This Dr. is a well know...excuse my language deaush bag...

The girl that came in after her had the same Dr. for her first child but she had a miscarriage. This Dr. said, "why are you sad? It was just cells". WHAT?! And when she went to her regular Dr. that Dr. asked what she did to cause the miscarriage. Anyway this girl was there to get some blood work done and to find out if she was pregnant. She has one little girl already and she did not want anymore. After she had her daughter she asked to have her tubes tied but the Dr. wouldn't do it. She told him.."I'm on Welfare, I can't afford more are paying for my kid right you want to pay for more?" When she was 7 months pregnant with her daughter, her now husband got another girl pregnant. So she has a 2 year old and a almost 2 year old step-daughter.

The last girl that came in seemed very young, she was very chatty. She was having her blood drawn to see if she was pregnant. She said she wasn't ready to have kids. She is going to school. She told me that her first time she was raped, she started to tell me something but then got called back...errr I hate that!

I'm not gonna lie..I like to hear peoples nitty gritty life details. When you are sitting in a room full of people you never really get to know their stories and so many are sooo interesting. But more then that when I hear these stories it makes me realize how good I have it. I am pretty good at realizing how good I have it but sometimes you need a little reminder to appreciate it even more.
I have a house, a husband that has a good job, a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy, money to buy food and pay my bills. Money to pay for a 2nd child. I am blessed in so many ways and I know that, sometimes its easy to forget just how blessed we are... and these blessings are in every little thing that we have or do.

I hope you can appreciate your blessings no matter how small they may seem at times.


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Anonymous said...

Man, that was quite the day. It's amazing how one person's struggles can put your life into a perspective you never viewed before. I am glad you were there for them to talk to, sounds like they needed an understanding person to unload on.