Saturday, April 16, 2011

...and the toilet paper rolled away...

Hello my friends! This is just a...I'm bored don't expect anything snazzy... I know I know... I am the QUEEN of snazzy.... is that how you spell it? Snazzy?

Well my hubby is gone again... that leads me to my title... Jorge was gone for a whole month and I had tons of toilet paper. He was home for 2 weeks and MAGICALLY the TP all disappeared! He is one nasty Mexican... I need to buy stock in TP just because of him! He left this morning back to Texas and yesterday all day I kept telling him.."I can't believe you came home just to use up all of the TP and then leave".

We did get a few things done while he was home..he never really had a day off in the 2 weeks he was I felt bad making him do anything when he would get off work. Yesterday he had the day off so I put him to work! I said things HAVE to get done before this baby comes! I am finally nesting and it came at me at a overwhelming quickness. 10 weeks really is not that far away!!

So now I have enlisted my dad to paint the nursery...I think once I get that done I will feel complete and can relax. It will make the room feel more like a nursery...BUT since we don't know what we are having.. I am not going to less stress I am hoping.

If anyone feels like pulling weeds or cleaning carpets or couches...please don't hesitate to come to my house... I wouldn't want to deprive you...:o)
 I am working on a Blog of Preggo pics right now.. I need to take a 30 week picture and then I will put them up.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


♡ Ambrosia said...

If i can use Kellys carpet cleaner I will totally come over and shampoo your carpets while you chillax with a cool glass of lemonade =]

Tessa said...

I have a carpet cleaner!! I have no idea how to use it though.. so if you can figure it out then your my man!! :o)

♡ Ambrosia said...

Well, Im a girl, but Ill be your man ;]

Tessa said...

Your a girl? oh man... I am glad I know that now! ;o) I actually want to buy a new Carpet cleaner very soon because I need the couch attachments!

The Clark Clan said...

Wow...this was a great post! =] I told you I would help you if you need anything you just holla!

Tessa said...

Kelly does your carpet cleaner have attachments? I have been texting you but my phone is not sending the texts errr.
Thanks for the offer! You know I WILL use you if I need too..:o)