Monday, April 1, 2013

Vacation, had to Get Away

Having Jorge gone for almost 3 months sure did take its toll on me. Luckily the kids and I were able to go to Indiana to visit family. Ton's of loving, giving, Juliana taking, family members! I took more naps in that short time period then I had in the last 3 months! It was amazing! My cousins are so incredibly helpful. My family hadn't seen Juliana since July, so they got to see how crazy she really is. They started calling her the little tornado, of course they all loved her. Towards the end of our trip she started to adjust to everyone and to the place.
While we were there it was my grandma's 89th birthday! All of the girls, aunts, cousins, nieces, grandchildren took her out to lunch. I think she had a blast! She says she doesn't cry just that her eyes leak or water sometimes. That night we took her to a little town called Wallace where they have good clean singing and dancing. I think my grandma really loved that! Her and my grandpa even danced, which makes my eyes water every time.
It was really cold while we were there so we were bundled up most of the time. I am not a cold weather girl by any means. Next year we will be going in the summer for sure!
The last full day we were there Jorge flew in from Afghanistan! It was so nice to have him there even just for a day and then to have his help to go home.
I am so blessed to have the amazing family that I do. A dad that flies us out once a year so that we can see everyone. A grandma and grandpa that are still alive and for the most part well. Aunts and uncles who treat us like their very own children and grandchildren. Cousins who are still young enough and loving enough to take care of my kids so that I can have a break, and treat them like their own nieces/nephews. I don't think most families are nearly as close as we all are. I hope that it always stays that way!
Unfortunately, when we got home I got a plethora of bad news. All friends or family with new health issues, very bad health issues. To take it all in at once was a little overwhelming, but I'm praying for the best for everyone.
In better news, I have my ultrasound next week!! For all of you predicting TWINS... I hope you didn't bet on it because its not going to happen! :oP
Until next time....
Gabe and his cousin Taylor

My grandma reading her Birthday Card

Gabe and Grandma

Grandmas birthday lunch. All the girls! (Plus 2 guys who snuck in)

Grandma doesn't cry... her eyes just leak

The original 4 Girl cousins with grandma. 

Gabe watching grandma open her gift and card from him.

Almost all of our family.


misty said...

awww makes me sad you don't live closer!!! we DO love that little tornado!! praying for twins...

Tessa said...

Misty may!!! You take that back!!!! You just wait til you are working on your 2nd.... ;) I wish we lived closer too.. Actually I wish you all lives closer to here bc I love my sunny warm days :)