Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm linking up with my sweet cousin Misty to do this Fav 5's from the week. So here they are...

5. Easter was on Sunday and how can anyone not put Easter on their Top 5?! Thank you Jesus for dying and rising for US! That in itself is amazing.. I don't care who you are... secondly, family time is always great. Any excuse to BBQ and play with the kiddos is fun. We went to garden canyon, with Jorge's family and mine. Even my new baby nephew got to join in the fun!

Juliana had fun chasing the car...

and she had even more fun driving it with her best buddy My {Mike}

Jorge with his aunt, mom and aunt and uncle


Baby nephew Zachy

4. Gabe has been playing T-ball and had his first game on Sat. oh. my. cuteness!! Watching the kids out there is sooooo much fun! Gabe got MVP and the game ball! Just seeing his face and watching him run around aimlessly was so worth every second of having Juliana do everything BUT sleep in the dirt. He had his second game on Thursday and will have his 3rd on Sat. I guess I'm officially a sports mom. So fun going through these different stages with my little beans.
Gabes MVP cert and ball

Gabe and Juliana

Gabe and his adoring fan Amanda

He had a whole cheering section!

Gabes girlfriend Caitlyn. He saw her while he was on 3rd and told his coach "Thats my girlfriend Caitlyn!"

3. This is the first week that I have not been sick or crazy tired. So all week I have been eating healthy and walking. I have been attempting to clean my house too whatever. I feel so much better now that I can walk again and have been able to spend some good time with friends. I'm starting to feel refreshed and being half way through the pregnancy is a nice (ok scary) feeling.

2. Juliana has been doing so much more lately, shes a smart little bean that's for sure. She picks up on everything! She tries to repeat everything that Gabe says and she does everything that he does. She actually throws better then he does and is our active little juju bean. She has been ready to be potty trained for awhile now but I'm not ready. So when I told her she couldn't got potty she decided she would anyway. Then when I told her to take her baby to the bathroom because she was peeing (its a bath baby that leaks from the crotch.. nice huh) she put the baby in the toilet. Oy I tell ya.. this one is gonna give me a run for my money! But she is hilarious and I really am starting to like her and have fun with her.

1. Lastly, I had my ultrasound this week. I must tell you I was POSITIVE it was a boy! Well........

Knees up to the head

The goods
I was WRONG! She's ALL girl.... oh Lord Jesus help me! Jorge and Gabe thought it was a girl, I really thought boy. I was a little dissapointed at first but it will be a exciting new adventure... now to learn how to do hair and to actually dress my girls cute :o/


misty said...

I love this!!!!! your top 5's are WAY more exciting than mine! I mean... you have a gender reveal and everything!! ;)

Tessa said...

Bagaha! This is probably my only exciting week for awhile :)

Pat M said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Love this post...and the pics. Another girl...well, Big Sissy will be a good Assistant Mommy and little helper!
GraceinAZ (Pat)