Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm back! .... Again...

Hi friends!
I know I have been such a slacker! I haven't posted in over a year!

Lots has happened in the past year, mostly in my own spiritual growth. I feel like a completely different person from where I was 1 year ago. It was a tough year for me, a lot of lessons learned but I am all the more thankful for them.
My baby boy is 4 now! I have no idea where the time has gone. He started pre-school in the fall and he is loving it. My baby girl is 19 wait.. I have no idea how old she is. The months thing always gets me. She's 1, simply 1 and simply a little diva. She's the boss of the house, nothing gets past her.

Jorge just hot back from Afghanistan last night. Let me tell you, the past month in a half was extremely hard for me. Being alone with 2 kids and raging hormones is not a good thing. I learned patience and self control through LOTS of prayer. I don't know how you mamas do it for 6 months,a year or heaven forbid longer. Unfortunately, it is looking like he will be going back next week. I'm going to soak up every minute with him this week. As lonely as I felt the past month I do have amazing friends who helped keep my spirits up. I got thru it once, I can do it again... But I would rather not :/

Well I just wanted to get back on the blog train, so here I am! Now to find people who actually want to read it! ;)
Until we meet again...


misty said...

love it!!! praying he doesn't have to go back! :( glad you've had such a good year of spiritual growth! I can definitely tell a difference!

Caycee said...

Awe, love it! Thanks for sharing and thanks for being you. Love ya!!