Saturday, August 24, 2013

Girls room makeover

When I had Juliana 2 years ago we didnt know whether we were having a boy or a girl so we simply painted her room seafoam green and decided to decorate after the "baby" came. 
Well, 2 years later and her room still was not even close to being decorated at all. I was to indecisive on what to do. When we found out that baby JG3 was a girl then we knew we would have to put the girls together. 
So, here a week before she is due we finally finished the room. Trying to fit 2 girls into one small, awkward shaped room was no easy task. Plus my indecisiveness took over again... I'm thankful for a husband who has great ideas and pretty much decides for me. He really took on a lot of big tasks these last few weeks, for which I'm so grateful for! 
So here's the room all done! 
The room has double doors which uses up the entire wall, we wanted to cover it up so that we could put the crib against it so we decided to do a curtain wall. The picture doesn't do it justice. 
Other side of the room is simply the dresser and Juliana's bed. 
Juliana's bed
I put Juliana's toys in her closet, we just don't have the space anywhere else. It works nicely tho. 
This is the babies side of the closet, I told ya... It's not easy cramming 2 girls worth of stuff in one room. 


Kelly said...

I like the curtains hanging. Super cute! But you have way TOO many girl clothes!

misty said...

curtain wall is AMAZING!!!!