Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Pains and Joys

I have to start of by saying that I am still in shock that I have a new baby girl! I feel like I just had Juliana, and I still remember being pregnant with Gabe! How did this happen?! Before baby number 3 was born it just felt so surreal and I kept saying I'm not READY! Now that she is here its the most magical amazing feeling.
Let me back up for a 9 month review really fast... (still trying to figure out how 9 months has passed by too!). In December we found out I was pregnant, it was a total surprise to us and to everyone! I was back and forth on how I felt about it. I was happy on one end and scared on the other. Right after New Years Jorge left for Afghanistan for 3 months. Worst. 3. months. life.
Hormones, and 2 toddlers and tiredness and so on and so on did not equal a good time. Finally when Jorge got back things got much easier, until he got sent out TDY again and again and yet again. Finally things started to get easier with summer time. I got some energy back and enjoyed the time with the kids.
My whole pregnancy all in all was not bad, so much so that when I hit the 40 weeks mark I decided to wait to be induced. Unfortunately, my kids do not like to come out. Having a baby is a total emotional roller coaster, whether its your 1st, 2nd or 3rd... I can't (and won't) confirm that feeling beyond the 3rd. I found myself overly worried about this 3rd one, I kept thinking "I already have 2 healthy kids what are the chances of having 3". The relief of having a third healthy baby is the biggest relief ever.
Labor Day
The Doctor had me go in on Labor Day (Sep 2) of course that was the constant joke, "maybe Labor Day will be YOUR labor day" well it was.
I went in at 4pm, got some meds at 5pm, finally progressed at 10 or so and was begging for an epidural by 12. I don't know if I was just a bigger wimp this time around or what but I COULD NOT handle the contractions. The last 2 kids I went hours, shoot I went a whole day with Gabe before I got an epidural! This time it was so fast and intense and simply unbareable. Anyway, in the meantime they had given me an ambian to help me sleep.  There was NO sleep though, by the time the ambian kicked in I felt the pressure to push and the nurse said "Hey your fully dialated! Time to push!". Pushing is by far my least favorite thing, I am the worlds worst pusher, not to mention that between pushing I was taking a 60 second nap thanks to that ambian. I wanted to give up so bad but I "Pushed on"!
Next thing I know she was out and the dr was saying " Do you want to open your eyes to see your baby?"
There she was!
Jocelyn Rose
September 3 4:47am
6 lbs 14oz 19in long
Me and Jocelyn a few hours old


Her going home outfit

Big sister Juliana and Jocelyn

Proud big brother!

She is our little brown eyed girl. She's been a huge ray of sunshine in our house. The kids love her but are still adjusting. It has made Gabe and Juliana much closer, they play together non stop now. Juliana is doing a lot better then I thought she would, but still has her moments. Now that she is here I could not imagine not having her. I used to think, why in the world would God give me a 3rd child?! But then I always think He never gives us anything we can't handle. I'm embracing and loving this new chapter in our life.


The Clark Clan said...

♥ her! Good job mama! Welcome to the 3 club! ;]

misty said...

love it!!! glad the adjustment period is going good!! sad I'm not there to say the least, though! :(