Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 6~

Day 6 ~ A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I love lots of animals! I would love to have a Dolphin...but not sure my bathtub would be big enough...
I love turtles and used to get one every summer and at the end of summer I would let it go..if it didn't run away before then.
I love frogs too... but don't really want one.
I wouldn't mind a baby bear..any kind..Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Panda cute.
And of course white tigers are just great..especially the little cubs.
So many to choose from!
But I would really love.....

A Monkey!
They are so stinkin cute! But honestly I already have a little Monkey... who also loves monkeys...

I just have to tell the story behind George really fast. Gabe LOVES Curious George...and whenever I ask him to tell the baby (in my belly) goodnight and ask him what the babies name is he either says Sunshine or George. Sometimes the baby is Sunshine George. 
So last week I took Gabe to the Dr. and all of the nurses were callling Gabe George (Because they are all white girls who can't pronounce Jorge). 
I thought it was cute though and that afternoon when I went to Target I found this George...

Gabe and my mom play Curious George all the time at her house..she has a few of them and he just loves him. So I guess we are both monkey lovers...:o)

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