Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4~

Day 4 ~ Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

Me and Nikki 2 summers ago.

I love this picture of my bestie Nikki, not just because she looks smokin hott but also because of what a great night we had.
It was Nikki's birthday so we went out to dinner. She was finally done nursing little Kiera after 15 long months and was ready to get her party on. Of course Gabe was only 6 months so I couldn't get crazy...;o)
In all of the 6 1/2 years that Nikki and I have been friends this was by far the first time I had seen her soooo wasted. Sorry Nikki to call you out but it's true. It was so fun to see her really let lose and get crazy.
I will swear until the day that I die that this is the night she got pregnant with little miss Hailey. They had been trying for a little while already and we all know that alcohol makes babies..;o)

Had to put one up with the kiddos since they are our besties too.
Love you Nikki girl! Your my bestie!

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The Clark Clan said...

You both look GREAT! Hot mamas!