Friday, August 28, 2015

Open Doors

I have been meaning to blog all summer but eventually it just all seemed like to much. Summer went way to fast and I haven't been able to process the fact that summer is really over and that school has already been back in session for a month.

I would say my family had a great summer. We got to visit family in Indiana for 2 weeks and spend a week in Mexico. Other then that we really didn't do much. It was kind of nice to just hang out and have nothing to do.

I suppose my last Blog post was kind of a "to be continued..." post. I ended bible study and Mops not having a clue what my next step would be. It was scary, but it was a door that had to be closed. As soon as I closed those doors God was good to open new one's.

I sat at my computer one day feeling completely useless and overwhelmed by my need to be used by God. I didn't understand why He would give me so much passion but not let me use it. I began looking through different organizations, places I could volunteer or just feel useful. I finally realized that it was not my place to figure this all out. So I asked God to put something in my lap, to make it so obvious as to what I was supposed to be doing.

Well, God is good to give you what you ask for, when you truly hand it over to Him. The very next day I had a meeting scheduled with the director of operations, Laurel, from my church and the pastor's wife, Kim,  along with a group of women who were pushing for a women's ministry. Laurel called me and said that I would be the only one at the meeting with her and Kim and that we could reschedule if I wanted or we could have the meeting. I was in the place of desperation, I needed to know if this was going to turn into something and if not I needed to be able to move on so I asked to please keep the meeting.

We met up for a couple of hours and the 2 ladies gave me their blessings to plan an event for the fall. How all of that worked out was a total God thing because really they had no reason to give me a one on one meeting but I'm so thankful that they did.

I immediately got to planning and praying (lots of praying)! We decided that to get a win for an event we should start with a women's Bible study. Esther was put on my heart right away (by Beth Moore), what better way to start a women's study then with a study of a women, of a whole book of the Bible and of courage?!

I don't think anyone expected the amount of interest we generated for this study. God was good to supply me with amazing child care workers for the morning study and with 14 loving group discussion ladies and with 2 amazing Kitchen ladies!
We had over 100 ladies sign up for the study.. seriously.. mind blown!

The first day of the study was a little crazy, figuring everything out took some time. When I went to the night time study I sat in the back and I was able to see all of the tables so full with women ready to learn and ready to connect with the other women but most importantly to grow in their faith. In that moment I was completely awe struck. I had been praying for all of these women since the very beginning before I knew any of their faces or names and now here they all were. All I could think was that THIS was HIS plan all along, this is exactly what HE wanted and I was only fortunate enough that He allowed me to do His work.

Don't get me wrong, there have been some rough patches and I know there are some deep valley's in my future but when you allow Him to use you and you tell Him that you are truly willing to do anything for Him, He does not take that lightly. Those valleys that I will/have seen are only going to grow me.

I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing people in my corner, who have been cheering me on, and mentoring me in every aspect of life. This summer God answered prayers in ways that I didn't even know were possible. Answering prayers that I have been praying for months. He has shown Himself to me in ways that make his existence undeniable.

If we truly believe that there is a God and that He is for us not against us, then why would we every hold back? Why wouldn't we give Him all of us?

God took me from a place of desperation to a place of leadership in the matter of a day. For Him to trust me, for ANYONE to trust me with all of this has been so humbling, so encouraging and such a blessing!

So there it is... I ended one season, feeling sad and lost, only to have a new season begin with the snap of HIS finger.

He is good to give, if we will just ask!