Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pinterest Party

A couple of months ago our women's ministry decided to do a Pinterest themed women's fall event. I loved the idea and got right to planning! I made daily trips to hobby lobby {so I could use my 40% off coupon}, I enlisted other ladies to go to hobby lobby for me, I held friends hostage in their own homes for hours upon hours as we worked on decorations and crafts, and I prayed... A lot. 

The week before the party I had a lot of "distractions" which was good and bad. I did a lot of self evaluations, had a lot of pep talks with myself and with God. I think 2 things were going on that week: 

1. Satan was on full attack mode and 
2. God was playing baseball with me. 

Satan was really trying to distract me from the task at hand as well as take away my joy. And at the same time I felt like God was throwing me a whole lot of stuff all at once. I compare it to baseball; sometimes God threw me a perfect pitch and I would knock it out of the park, test completed and passed. Then another pitch would be a total strike out, and that one keeps getting thrown at me until I finally make contact with the ball. Lastly, sometimes it's a curve ball and I don't know if I am supposed to hit the ball or completely avoid it. It was a crazy whirl wind of a week for me. I was thankful for good friends who gave great advice and a God who stood right beside me through it all.  

Then the day of the party came and I was really nervous. It's been a long time since I have spoke in front of a crowd, so I prayed the same prayer about 50 times that day. So much so that I would even start the prayer with "sorry to say this again... I know you are tired of hearing from me but...." But it was good because it kept me connected to God all day, it reminded me over and over again that the party wasn't about me, or decorations, it was all about and for Him. When the party finally started I got an overwhelming peace. Everything was just perfect. {it's like he was listening or something... So weird!}

I watched as ladies walked in that night, some with heavy hearts, some nervous or scared, some looking a little lost. I watched them loosen up as the night went on, I saw them laugh and talk and connect with women they hardly knew. I saw them nod their heads in agreement as our speaker Hannah spoke about living the life that God has given YOU. I watched them give hugs, give encouragement and express their gratefulness for meeting that new person. I watched them walk out with light hearts, smiles on their faces and a little hop in their step. All I could think was, this is what it is all about, letting God in, connecting with women, letting go, forgetting our problems, making new friends, relaxing and giving all of the glory to God.
 I certainly am not the reason that the event was a success, God was 100% involved through the whole process and He was fully present at the party. Each and every woman that was there was exactly where they were supposed to be.  I learned SO much from this experience, with each success or failure I know that God is using me and teaching me every day. I am so excited to be on His path, in His will and on His time. Ok I could go on and on but let's get to the fun part, pictures! 
Disclaimer: I am posting all of the pictures {SO IT'S A LOT!} so if anyone see's some that they would like to have let me know.

Set Up

Welcome Table
each set of silverware came with a special message. "You are His" was my favorite. 

Food Table

Drink Table

Photo Booth

My little helper ;o)

One of my favorite things about this party was that we had some of the women decorate a table. there were 5 tables that were decorated. They were so beautiful, so original, and I just loved every single one of them!!

Table 2 By Ambrosia Clark
Table 1 by Tess Armstrong

Table 3 By Josselyn Bednarz 
and Renee Graham

Table 4 by Jamie Garcia
Table 5 by Stephanie Harrel and Lilly Dunn

Here are some fun detail shots of each table

Social Time..... 

Hannah gave us a beautiful message based on Psalm 16:6
The Boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant place; 
indeed I have a beautiful inheritance. 

Gotta have some photobooth fun!! I do regret not making this much brighter! But it was still a blast!
Out-takes included, because who doesn't love the goofy real moments?!

The last thing we did was crafts!
A fun chalkboard Christmas plate  

and a initial bag

The winners of the tea party table!  

The best thing for me about this party is that I got to meet so many amazing ladies. In the few days that have past since that night I have received texts, messages, emails and face to face contact with women telling me how much fun they had and how blessed they were that night. They have told me that they almost didn't make it there that night but were so happy that they did, they have told me that they had more fun then they ever thought they would. They have told me how much they loved the speaker and her message and just in general how blessed they were being there. It makes my heart so happy and it proves to me that it was all worth it in the end.  
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

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Kay Harms said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Doing the happy dance!!! I loved the photos!! We've got to get this blog post on Pinterest! You are marvelous and I'm so happy with you and proud of you and thrilled for you!! You did a splendid job, Tessa, and I hate it that I missed it, but I am so thrilled to see the joy in these pictures! I know God was glorified and the ladies were immensely blessed. Yippee!!!