Monday, March 31, 2014

April Goals

It's April! Oh. My.Word!!! When did that happen?! With a new month I have decided to make some new good habits in my life starting right now!
I figure if I write it here then I will have myself to be accountable to, whether anyone reads this or not.
First of all I got a fabulous calender to put up on my wall to put all of Aprils fun activities on. I think this will make it easier for everyone in my house to know exactly what is going on everyday. Juliana just started dance, so that's on the calender for every Tuesday. Fridays is my Tessa day while my sweet friend takes my little monsters for me. We will be penciling in a date night once a month as soon as Jorge gets back on a day shift, also a date night with the kids. Of course there is all of the other regular weekly activities as well, MOPS, Bible Study, play dates and having my sweet little Cylie every Thursday. I'm hoping that by having the calender up it won't only help me to remember what I have going on and help me get organized but also motivate me to do the penciled in things such as, go to the gym {that's the one I need to jump off the page and attack me}.
Next up, I'm starting the cleaning chart.
Oh cleaning....
Its not that I hate cleaning, its just that I cannot keep up. As I clean one room the kids DESTROY another. So I spend my whole day picking up after them, sweeping and doing dishes which leaves no time for the deep cleaning. However, I have found this little chart on Pinterest that I am determined to do and stick to! This is the chart I am using, you can find it online if this one is not readable.
I may need to add this to my calender,... hmmm
I have been working really hard lately with Juliana on her listening and obeying. It has been rough but I feel like we are making some progress. Juliana loves to make messes, and she does it in a blink of an eye. So a friend of mine suggested making a chart for her, if she goes however many days we decide without making a mess then I will let her make a mess. It will be a monitored mess and hopefully help her release some of that pent up creativity. So we will be working on that this month. Wish me luck ;o)

Lastly, I got a 30 day pass to the gym. With Mexico right around the corner I have more motivation then ever to get to workin on my fitness {plus, I just need to do it!}. With free childcare for the month I have no excuse to not go! I have 2 awesome friends who are going to push me to go every single day too!
So that's my April goals, let me know if you have any that you would like to share!

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