Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Baby Boy Turned 5?!

I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant with Gabe. I had just gotten off of work and had a short break until I had to go to class. It was the last day of my final college math class. I found out I was pregnant and then I had to go take my final, my brain and my heart were racing. Concentration was no where in sight and I hadn't even told Jorge yet because I wanted to tell him in person. The anticipation and excitement were killing me, that was the longest hour of my life! We had been trying to get pregnant for 4 months, when its your 1st baby 4 months seems like a lifetime and crazy thoughts go through your head. Yet, the day had come and I indeed was knocked up!

*** I did tell Jorge I was pregnant that night when he got home from work AND I passed my final, for those of you worried about those details ;o)***

The pregnancy was so great, I worked all the way up until I had him. I remember looking at people yelling at their kids thinking "how could you ever be angry with such a sweet little soul?!" (5 years later and 3 deep I TOTALLY understand) ahhh so naïve I was...

His birth was not so great, 28 hours of labor and 8 hours in the NICU is no bueno but he turned out just fine. His whole first year of life was just so amazing to me. Every single thing he did was so marvelous and so perfect. The growing and changing they do in just the first year is amazing in itself.
My little bean only 2 days old
1st Birthday
The first year seemed to go by pretty slow, and I really enjoyed every second with him. In his 2nd year I got pregnant with Juliana and life changed a lot after she came along. Those first 2 years alone with him were so magical. The first child, the first pregnancy, the first roll-over, crawling, walking, the first everything is so special. You never get any of that back and now my baby boy is 5 F.I.V.E!! He will be the first of the 3 to go to school , another first for me. I'm really nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm sad that he is growing up, I want him to stay little forever and to keep his sweet little voice and his innocence and his love for me.
On his 5th birthday he woke up and said "mom, I'm 5 now but I still love you". Right now I am everything to him and I can do no wrong in his eyes, but one day that will change.. and it will be another first and we will get through it together.
Enough of the sentimental stuff, this year for Gabe's birthday everyone was sick so we celebrated at the park on his actual birthday with his closest friends. I just threw a few things together, it is hard for me to keep it simple, I really do love the party planning and creating stuff, but I kept it VERY simple this time around :o)
Ninjago was the theme:

Gabe and Caitlyn

Gabe and Skylar

Gabe and Victoria

Gabe and his younger but bigger cousin Levi
We got to meet baby Liam who lives in TN and is only 9 days younger then Jocelyn.
All that mattered to me was that Gabe had a great birthday, he is such a simple and easily excitable kid so I think the park party was just perfect for him.

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