Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm linking up again this week with my cousin misty {I don't know how to link her} with High Five for Friday. All the high lites from my week that I know you all are dying to read about! :P

I didn't have a very interesting week so I will be scrabbling.... Bare with me.

5. Juliana got very sick on Saturday, the poor girl was throwing up all day. She was sick for about 4 days. No this isn't a positive high light of my week but when you have kids and that's your everyday life them every moment counts. By Thursday she finally seemed to be getting back to herself. As much as I hate her being sick I must admit I love how cuddly and lovey she is, plus the fact that she will sit still for more then 2 seconds is pretty sweet too.

4. I had kind of a draining week. I didn't have any energy this week and the kids were just driving me crazy. One day Gabe told me "mom I don't like it when you tell at me." I told him, " I know buddy and I have been yelling a lot today I'm sorry and I love you." Sometimes it takes a child to be brutally honest with you for you to see your own faults. As hard as it can be to hear it and to admit it, it's a good thing sometimes to humble you and bring you back down. I often forget that Gabe is just a baby, not a adult. Learning lessons everyday from toddlers... These kids are smarter then me so I might as well soak it all up.

3. Thinking...... Got in some good walking miles this week.. But am going to take a little break from it this next week. Thursday was not a good day for me and made me realize I needed to slow down a bit.. No point in risking anything with the baby.

2. Juliana's off the bottle! The Friday before Juliana got sick I took her bottle away. She did much better then expected! She's completely off the bottle and she's not taking the paci anymore. Next step... Potty training ..wawhoooo.

1. Having some alone time! On Sunday I was able to get out of the house for a bit. I just went to the mall but it was so refreshing! Especially after cleaning up throw up the whole day before. Every mother needs her alone time at some point. Right now I'm at the airport waiting for my plane to go to San Diego. I haven't traveled without kids in years! It feels so good to sit here with only a purse and some strawberries. This is my number 1 high light for the week for sure. Just the sounds of silent chatter and airplane engines... Glorious!

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misty said...

I'm so jealous of your trip alone!!! after traveling w kids, traveling without them is like a vacation! hope you're having a blast!! we are still working on the darn bottle situation. he's barely drinking anything throughout the day. and then I was unloading the dishwasher last night while he was eating dinner and I pulled out some bottles (that I was giving a final wash before putting up) and he lost it!!!! way to go, mama!!! glad jujubean is feeling better! :)