Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live Below the Line

This is a challenge I would love to take on. The problem is that I don't think that I could do it in a healthy way being pregnant. Not that people, even pregnant people, in poverty have a choice... But maybe some of you would like to take on the challenge.

May 16th people all over the world will eat under $1.50 a day, that means even whatever is in your house can only add up to $1.50 for the entire day!!

I'm thinking Ramen and water...?

They will do this for 5 days! This is to help give people a perspective of what it is like to live in serious poverty. The economy is not so good over here right now...but I am sure everyone is still eating just fine... pizza for dinner...eggs and bacon for breakfast? We really can't complain right?

In the meantime if you join this cause you will also be raising money, you can find out more about that on the website. 

Maybe right now you will just want to do the challenge of eating for under $1.50 and after you see how horrible it really is you will make your own donation. 

I hope you will take on this challenge...and I will do all that I can to suppport you if you choose too!! 
Good Luck!!



♡ Ambrosia said...

Sounds like a great cause! Thank you for sharing it! Im gonna go check out the site right now! Thanks friend!!!! stick with pizza and bacon and eggs! You feed baby G to the second!

The Clark Clan said...

YIKES! $1.50? Ramen & water it is! THis is a wonderful challenge...I just may attempt it for at least a day!
Thanks friend!