Thursday, March 31, 2011

Longest Fastest month ever!

Wow! Tomorrow is April 1st! I can't believe it! This month went by really fast...but it went by slow at the same time.
Jorge will be home tomorrow!! After being gone 32 days... I wasn't counting or anything. Thankfully I had great friends to keep me busy and distracted. I have kind of gotten used to him being gone that it might be a little weird having him back... but I missed him like crazy and I want him home more then anything!
I love everything that he does for us, he is such a hard worker, an amazing daddy and a incredible husband! I couldn't ask for better!

Today I went to the Doctor. I am officially on 2 week appointments... talk about time flying! June is only 2 months away!! WOWZA! I have 12 weeks left, which I know is going to fly by WAY too fast!
I have just been trying to enjoy my alone time with Gabe and the ease of being to come and go as I please with just him. I will probably never leave my house when I have 2!
You will all be pleased to know that my badunkadunk has not grown anymore in the past 4 weeks! I managed to maintain my weight since the last appointment where the Dr. made me feel horrible.
Anyway this was just a random blog about nothing much.

Have a great day!!

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