Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hoosier Lovers!

Jorge and Gabe at the pond checking out the ducks

Every year atleast once a year I go to Indiana to see my family. Some of you might not know that it is where I was born and that my whole family lives there, besides my mom and little brother and sister. We have never been in September before, this was Jorge's 4th time going and September was a great time! Growing up I spent every summer there, staying at my grandparents and those are the best memories of my life.. so far. My grandparents are 86 and 85 and man do they have energy still, they just go go go all the time!  
Gabe reading to Grandma and Grandpa

It took a little bit for Gabe to warm up to Grandma and Pa but once he did he sure did love them! They really loved him too! Grandpa loved it when Gabe would say Thank You. Grandpa taught Gabe to act like a monkey and one night at dinner Gabe looked around the whole table at everyone and when he saw my Grandpa he started acting like a monkey. It was so funny that Gabe associated a monkey with my grandpa. 
Grandpa and Gabe bonding
My grandma and Gabe bonded over something else. My grandma LOVES frogs and Ice cream! She has a little frog collection in her kitchen and somehow Gabe found them instantly, they are up in the windowsill so I am still not sure how he spotted them. Every time he would go over there he would point at them and say frog until someone would give him one. Then at our cousin Melinda's (Minnie Fu Fu) house a frog jumped at Minnie, and Gabe thought it was the most hilarious thing, he talked about it all the way home... "haha... frog... funny... ha ha" thats what he kept saying. 
Grandma and Gabe with the big frog
Grandma's favioret thing is Ice Cream! Man can that lady eat ice cream. If she even hears the word her ears perk up from a mile away. Well Gabe had not had Frozen Custard yet, which is HUGE in Lafayette and so delish! My Aunt Martha gave him some of hers and he was hooked! When she was done with hers he still wanted more, he saw that my grandma had some and ran to her, "Icy! Icy! Icy!", of course she shared with him. 

Another person that Gabe Loved spending time with was Minnie Fu fu! We thought we were only going to get to see her once because of her work schedule, she is a postpartum nurse at the hospital . But wegot lucky! She took us to lunch at Arni's and to the Frozen Custard for the best Vanilla cokes! Then to the park for hours! Gabe was in love! When it was time to leave he didn't even want to go with me and Jorge, he kept saying Fu fu, fu fu and pointing at her car. 

Gabe giving Minnie some loving

Another night we got to go to Minnie's house... oh what a house it is! We hung out in the basement, which is pretty my a house in itself... pretty sure its bigger then my house. We played Ping Pong, Ms. Pacman, Dance Dance revolution, ate some delish food and had a great time! To Gabe's surprise Minnnie had a tote full of toys just for him to play with! She taught him how to play the piano too, which he was surprisingly good at lol. The only songs I know how to play on the piano I learned from Minnie...:o)

Piano time

We love you Fu fu! Thank you for taking time out of your day for us and for spending my birthday with me! It means so much to me to have you in Gabe's life! Now come see me and bring me my car!! My car is a old red ragtop Vokswagon Beetle that Minni has that I fell in love with longggg ago! And one day it will be mine... I just know it! :o)

Sucker time with Taylor and Parker

Gabe got to spend some time with his little cousins too! They had a lot of fun together!

Taylor and Mahayla soo pretty

All 4 together, Parker Mahayla, Gabe and Taylor. Sorry about the red-eye

Gabe trying to console new baby cousin Roslyn

They got the whole world in their hands

He had so much fun in the water
Checkin out the tractor

The goat was saying hello.. haha

Thru the tunnel of water

Gabe had so much fun the whole trip. He did so good on the airplane and he loved playing with his cousins and grandparents. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and to be able to go visit them as much as we do. Thank you Dad for all that you do for us and making it possible for us to go back there atleast once a year!

Gabe hanging out with Garandpa on the back porch

Last day with Grandma and pa

I hope that Gabe is able to have many more years of memories with his great grandparents!
Here is something a little extra. Parker wrote a song for me for my birthday and had everyone sing it to me, it was so cute I have to share! Enjoy!

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