Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March was a blast!

I can't believe it is already April!! March was such a great month we stayed super busy. My niece Alyssa had her sweet sixteen birthday party in Phoenix, our Aunt Susie and Cousin Brooke came out for a week to visit and to meet baby Gabe. Gabe went on his first trip to the zoo and he loved it! He also got his first shots that week which he didn't like too much but he did really well. We spent a week in Phoenix with Tia Trish and Alyssa and the boys while Jorge went to the Grand Canyon for some training for work. Tio Charlie also left that week for Iraq, we already miss him so much! Cousin Alan came from Japan with Tio Roy and Tia Jodie, so it was fun for Gabe to meet him and all in that same day he met his other new cousin Levi! Gabe took his first trip out to nana Marys and had so much fun outside with the wild-life and Goats and Chickens, he did NOT like us doing crafts though.
It was a great month and hopefully April will be just as much fun. Fire Season has started for Jorge already so he has been busy at work while Gabe and I find something new to do everyday. Right now I am just enjoying being with him and watching him grow. He smiles all the time and sometimes he laughs so hard that he scares himself. He is growing WAY too fast!
Thanks for reading our very first blog!

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